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Volume 28 (2023), Issue 1

Maastricht MECC Interclassics 2023

Jaap Horst

The first Classic Car show of the year is, each year, the one at the MECC exhibition centre in Maastricht, the Netherlands. For the Dutch, this classic car shows is known as MECC, and not by it's official name Interclassics (which I continue to forget). Though it is not as good (of course) as Retromobile a few weeks later, it is quite good, and always a few Bugattis are shown.

For me, it was a 5 hours train ride there and back also. It would have been 3.5 hours by car, however, in the train one can do some additionsto the BugattiPage website, difficult to do that in the car. On the way back, I slept a while. Difficult to do that in the car also, though when one sees how some people drive, it seems that they are doing just that....

For the 25 years of the MECC's existence, there always has been a large booth with Bugatti's, organized by Jean Prick, son of the even more famous Guillaume Prick. Jean died 4 years ago to the day when I visited (the 15th), now the event has been continued by his daughter Chantal, family and friends. Very nice to see this!

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Bugatti automobiles

As stated above, Chantal Prick had arranged a Bugatti stand, with a few Bugatti's, a Peugeot Bébé, a (new) children's car, and many photographs, posters and other items, see the photographs below.

Nice Brescia, Chassis 2386

Nice original Type 37, which also belonged to the Prick family in the past thus fitted in very nicely here, chassis 37223.

Nice Peugeot Bébé

Interesting Children's Type 59 GP Bugatti, with very nice Type 59 - like wheels! Built by Frans Keukens, who was very proud to show his built to everybody!

Interesting Type 44 (Chassis 44892), which Olav Glasius had shortened, and fitted with a body as a replica of the Type 38 "Murphy". More on that T38 Murphy, chassis 38435.
On the stand of PreWarCar, and currently for sale by Juri Castricum.

1938 T57C Stelvio Hangloff, chassis 57716, on offer by CC_Cars from Denmark.

Two cars at Jaap Braam Ruben's Fine Automobiles
Below, the very nice original Type 37 (37227) which would also be on show at the Retro a few weeks later. It already had these wheel discs 95 years ago! Only recently the tail-section of the body was interchanged with the one which had originally been fitted to this car, but was swapped with another somewhere in the 60's.

Alongside the T37 a T57 Atalante Bureau Rolltop convertible project. Maybe Chassis 57618?

Baby Bugatti, probably a replica

A very new-looking Pur Sang Type 35B replica from Argentina. If it is not already registered, it will be impossible to get this one on the road in most European countries..
On the same stand also a strange-looking Bugatti Baby replica.

Probably the Bugatti which received most attention, a Veyron. Chassis number VF9SA15B96M795021.

Other automobiles etc.

Elected "Best of Show", this 1962 Facel-Vega Excellence (EX2 C007).

Nice marketing stunt a New Citroën 2CV (almost no km), in a box, as if it was a toy. Quite expensive though!..

Art by former Formula 1 pilot Stefan Johansson, apparently, this is what he sees in the racecar at high speed! stefanjohansson.art

Chassis numbers

For those of you who want to know the chassis numbers of the Bugattis, they are the following:
  • Type 23 Brescia, 1925 (2386)
  • Type 35B, 20XX? (Pur Sang Replica)
  • Type 37, 1926 (37223) AR-98-47 (NL)
  • Type 37, 1926 (37227) 2395-P8 (F)
  • Type 44, 1928 (44892)
  • Type 57 Atalante Convertible, 1937 (57618?)
  • Type 57C Stelvio Gangloff, 1938 (57716)
  • Veyron (VF9SA15B96M795021)

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