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Volume 26 (2021), Issue 2

Bugatti "what if" designs, by Dieter Rieke

As I stumbled upon a website by GŁnther Eberhardt with a nice miniature of a Bugatti Type 50 Race-transporter, he stated that the inspiration came from designs by designer, artist and architect Dieter Rieke, which I then found on his website. The website itself does not give any info about the why and how of the designs, but from GŁnther's website I learn that Dieter made them as part of an action to fund helping children with cancer, see: kunstgegenkinderkrebs.de, and that they were made in 2017.

Dieter made a design for each member of the Bugatti family; Carlo, Ettore, Rembrandt and Jean, and used existing designs as a basis for a van or other kind of transporter. He also drew the portraits of each family member, as well as an image from an important aspect of their lives.

Carlo Bugatti, Interior Architect and furniture designer. Later in life he became Mayor of Pierrefonds in France, on the left the city hall.

Bugatti furniture-van for Carlo, with his furniture ornaments as advertisement on the sides.

The most famous of the Bugatti family, automobile designer (and designer of much more!) Ettore, and the chateau St. Jean, which he later acquired, but in which he never lived.

For horse-lover Ettore this very Royale truck and horse-trailer!

Brilliant Animal sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti, and the oriental building in the Antwerp Zoo, one of his favourite places to work.

Imaginary animal-transporter, to enable him to work at home. Here with Antilopes from Senegal, as well as his dachshund.

Jean Bugatti, and the factory where he took over from Ettore at a very early age, and also started "working" at about 11 years old.

Atlantic inspired race-transporter. Especially handy when you are late to arrive at the start of a race!

That Mr. Rieke is more an all-round artist than a designer, show the wood T35 and T57S Atalante sculptures below.

original source; dieter-rieke.de

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