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This is the Raymond Stofer Archive, a collection send to me by Raymond Stofer from Switzerland, a collector of Bugatti miniatures. In this archive you will find 272 pictures, half of them of the miniatures, the other half of the originals. Interesting is that the collection contains a lot of the early Bugatti types of which there is very little information or pictures are available. In many cases a picture of a miniature gives the best impression of what the car must have been like.

The continuous type numbering was used, in which all types, also the ones Bugatti designed before starting his own marque, are numbered. All comments are Raymond Stofer´s, he gives some comments on the original, but also on the miniature, who´s the maker of it etc. All files ending in _o are of the originals.

The miniature above is of a T36, and was made by a friend of mine, Hennie van den Oever.

T 0
The Bugatti Type 0, the Tricycle Bugatti made at Prinetti & Stuchi. Bugatti won some races with it. The Model is made by Dieter Terbeck from Zürich in Switerland.

t0.jpg miniature
t0_o.jpg original

T 1
T1 the first real Bugatti Car, it's not exactly known if this the right one, because there's no existing picture of it. This Model is also made by Dieter Terbeck, different materials.

t1.jpg miniature
t1_o.jpg original

T 2
the Type 2 Bugatti with which Bugatti won the Price of Milan in 1901, was built by Amis du 1/43 from France, the Form was made by MCM. Model in white Metal.


T 3
T3 Bugatti is also from Amis du 1/43, Prototyp of form by MCM in White Metal


T 4
this t4 is made by D. Terbeck (DTD Models) based on die-cast car (Fiat I suppose)


T 5
here the 3 existing Variants of the T5 Paris Madrid 1903
the models are made by Amis du 1/43 No. B29a/b/c, form realized by MCM in white Metal

t5a.jpg this is the one Bugatti wanted to take part in, but was not accepted by the jury (look at the place of the driver seat)
t5b.jpg T5b (yellow) is the one, he took part in.
t5c.jpg T5c (red) is the street version for commercial sale.

T 6
The T6 was made together with Mathis in Strasbourg, at the moment I don't have this model, but the original is in the Schlumpf museum.


The T7 was also made together with Mathis in Strasbourg, I don't know any scale Model or picture of a original car.

T 8
The T8 bugatti made for Deutz in Germany, at the moment no scale model existing..


T 9

Also a design for Deutz. Further comments missing..

T 10
The T10 scale model was original made by MCM in white metal, and copied several times for other versions. Like Spiele or Tacot.


T 13
t13_1.jpg Scale Model by Jan Spiele
t13_1o.jpg The original car
t13_2.jpg Some cars by Bohemia in resin
t13_3.jpg wo brescias, the blue one by Brumm, the black by Auto Replicas both in white metal
t13_3o.jpg The winning car of Friederich
t13_4.jpg T13 fiacre by dieter terbeck
t13_4o.jpg The original car owned by Peter Hampton before he died
t13_5.jpg The jcc brooklands
t13_6o.jpg The first racing car

T 14
The T14 is produced by Nijhoff.


T 15

T 16
about the 5 litre bugattis is a great discussion, the ones say that all 5 litre are t18, even t19 I found in books (the t19 is the Bébé peugeot for sure) others say the 5 litre are the T16's. The only man who could tell us the secret died in 1947... (stay in silence Ettore) For my understanding the early race-versions are the T16, and the later produced road versions (the Roland Garros type) are the T18. Other version: the Modified T9 Prince Henry is the T16... who knows??? Other Version: Bugatti made a racing Version of the Prince Henry for Peugeot as T18, but was not accepted after that he used it himself...

t16_0.jpg The 5l Race Car with which bugatti took part the ventoux hill climb
t16_0o.jpg Bugatti with the prince of Bayern, who bought this car
t16_0o2.jpg the car now belonging to A.Forster in Great Britain
t16_0o3.jpg Another picture of the racing version, compare it with the Black Bess, total different car!
t16_1.jpg Scale Model of the american racing version made by mcm for om, white metal
t16_1o.jpg The original car in america (modified indy version)
t16_2o.jpg The Prince Henry Deutz modified by Bugatti
t16_3o.jpg he Indy Version (really unsuccessfull) with Friederich at the steering wheel

T 17
The T17 is very rare in Scale Model, the only one I have is from Bohemia of Prag made in resin.


T 18
now the cars that are for me the real T18, the Roland Garros type,this street car looks totally different from the racing cars T16. The Car that Roland Garros owned was later in England changed by Col. Giles and repainted in black. Therefore it's now known as Black Bess and owned by Peter Hampton.

t18_1.jpg The Roland Garros made by MCM for OM in White Metal
t18_1o.jpg The Car with Roland Garros at the Steering wheel
t18_1o2.jpg Backquarter view
t18_2.jpg The MCM Scale Model of Black Bess for OM in White Metal
t18_2o.jpg The original car before Restoring

T 19
The T19 is the original T13 designed for Peugeot

t19_1.jpg The Bébé made by MCM for Tacot in White Metal
t19_1o.jpg The original car in the Schlumpf museum
t19_1o2.jpg Another car with the Peugeot cooler mask
t19_1o3.jpg A Fiacre in the collection of a famous swiss collector

T 20

T 22
The T22 is made by EB-Club in Germany, they produce models of cars in their club. The Picture of the real car is taken in Switzerland by my father, scale model of this car by Auto replicas in White Metal


T 23
t23_1o.jpg a car with Jean-Paul Kestler (about 20 years ago)
t23_2.jpg The Rabag T23 influenced by Rumpler made by the swiss Aurore Models in gypsum
t23_2o.jpg The original Rabag car

T 28
The T28 is another car i don't have at the moment.


T 30
t30_1.jpg T30 Aeroprofilé made by Aurore Models in Gypsum, with new tires
t30_1o.jpg The t30 Aeroprofilé in Original
t30_2.jpg An Autoroute Model in Resin, built by Francois Bornibus
t30_3.jpg The T29/30 cigar
t30_3o.jpg on the race
t30_3o2.jpg after winning in Strassbourg
t30_4.jpg the Indy version made by MCM in White metal
t30_4o.jpg the Indy car with Vizcaya at the Steering wheel
t30_5.jpg a version called Toast Rack made by MCM for OM in White metal
t30_5o.jpg the original car, also belonging to Peter Hampton

T 32
t32.jpg T32 by JPS in Resin, Kit already painted
t32_o.jpg The t32 in the race

T 35
t35_1.jpg T35 Lyon Race Car built by MCM in White Metal
t35_1o.jpg During the Lyon Race
t35a_1o.jpg A T35a in front of a Bugatti plant door
t35b_1.jpg The GP ACF 1929 in Le Mans winning car by MCM for OM in White Metal
t35b_1o.jpg The Car with Williams driving
t35b_2.jpg The GP Monaco 1929 winning car built by MCM for OM in White Metal
t35b_2o.jpg Williams leading the GP Monaco 1929
t35b_2o2.jpg Williams in practice of the GP Monaco 1929
t35b_3.jpg Elisabeth Junek's T35B built by Vroom in Resin
t35b_3o.jpg The real car

T 36
t36.jpg T36 built by Hennie van den Oever in Resin
t36_o.jpg original

T 37
t37.jpg T37 built by MCM for OM in White Metal
t37_o.jpg original

T 38
t38.jpgThis car built by MCM for OM in White Metal
t38_o.jpg The original car built by Lavocat & Marsaud

T 39
t39_1.jpg T39 built by MCM in White Metal
t39_1o.jpg T39 GP de Tourisme 1929
t39_2.jpg E.Junek's T39 built by MCM for OM in White Metal

T 40
t40_lm.jpg T40 1929 Le Mans built by MCM in White Metal
t40a_rd.jpg T40a Roadster built by MCM in White Metal
t40a_rdo.jpg T40a Original Car

T 41 Royale
t41_01o.jpg T41 Prototyp with the Packhard carosserie Ch.41100
t41_02o.jpg T41 Coupé Fiacre Ch.41100
t41_03o.jpg T41 Berline Ch.41100
t41_04o.jpg T41 Coach Weymann Ch.41100
t41_04o2.jpg The car after the accident
t41_05o.jpg T41 Coupé Napoleon in the Schlumpf Museum Ch.41100
t41_06o.jpg T41 Esders Roadster Ch.41111 (The Schlumpf Copy in 1977)
t41_07o.jpg T41 Binder Coupé de Ville Ch.41111
t41_08o.jpg T41 Cabriolet Weinberger Ch.41121 in original black colour
t41_09.jpg T41 Park Ward by Heco in Resin
t41_09o.jpg T41 Park Ward in the Schlumpf Museum Ch.41131
t41_10o.jpg T41 Kellner Ch. 41141
t41_11.jpg T41 Double Berline de Voyage by Heco in Resin
t41_11o.jpg T41 Double Berline de Voyage in original colours Ch.41150

T 43
t43_1.jpg T43 built by MCM in White Metal
t43_1o.jpg T43 Hugh Conway at the wheel of his car
t43_2o.jpg T43 Graber Cabriolet in the Schlumpf Museum
t43_3o.jpg T43 TT Ulster
t43a_1.jpg T43a Roadster by MCM in White Metal
t43a_1o.jpg T43A Roadster
t43a_1o2.jpg T43A Roadster at Prescott

T 44
t44_1o.jpg T44 Fiacre
t44_2.jpg T44 Limousine by Ma Collection in Resin
t44_2o.jpg T44 Limousine
t44_3.jpg T44 Le Mans 1931 by MCM in White Metal

T 45
t45.jpg T45 built by MCM in White Metal
t45_o.jpg T45 Chiron at the Klausen Race
t45_o2.jpg T45 Chiron at the Klausen Race

T 46
t46_1.jpg T46 Milion Guilet by Vroom in Resin
t46_1o.jpg T46 Milion Guilet in the Schlumpf Museum
t46_2.jpg T46 La Farbie By Plumbies Inter/Metal 43 in White Metal
t46_2o.jpg T46 La Farbie in the Netherlands
t46_3.jpg T46 Cabriolet by Tin Wizard in White Metal
t46_3o.jpg T46 Cabriolet

T 47
t47.jpg T47 by MCM in White Metal
t47_o.jpg T47 chassis at the Schlumpf Museum

T 48, Peugeot 201X engine
t48_mot.jpg T48 Picture from the magnum Bugatti
t48_o.jpg the motor photographed by my father

T 49
t49_ff.jpg T49 Figoni & Falschi by Tin Wizard in White Metal
t49_o.jpg T49 of Kurt Kiefer, Ex-president of the German Bugatti Club
t49_rd.jpg T49 Roadster by Western Models/Plumbies Inter in White Metal
t49_rdo.jpg Old Pic of an original

T 50
t50_1.jpg T50 Cabriolet by Tin Wizard in White Metal
t50_1o.jpg T50 Cabriolet of Paul Née
t50_2.jpg T50 Chassis by MCM for OM in White Metal
t50_2o.jpg T50 Chassis at the factory
t50_3.jpg T50 Le Mans By MCM in White Metal
t50_3o.jpg T50 Le Mans
t50_4o.jpg T50 Roadster
t50_5o.jpg T50 Saoutchik at the Schlumpf Museum
t50t_o.jpg T50 Profilee

T 51
t51_1.jpg T51 by MCM in Resin
t51_1o.jpg T51
t51_1o2.jpg T51 of a swiss collector while restoring in 1972
t51a_1o.jpg T51 Atlantic in White

T 52
t52.jpg by Auto Replicas in White Metal
t52_o.jpg original

T 53
t53_o.jpg T53 before the Race at Prescott

T 54
t54.jpg by MCM for OM in White Metal
t54_o.jpg original

T 55
t55_1.jpg T55 by MCM for OM in White Metal
t55_1o.jpg T55 Bileter et Cartier from the Magnum Bugatti
t55_2.jpg T55 Coupé by Vroom in Resin
t55_2o.jpg T55 Coupé owned by a swiss collector
t55_3.jpg T55 Coupé by Vroom in Resin
t55_3o.jpg T55 Coupé in the Schlumpf museum now
t55_4.jpg T55 Roadster by MCM in Resin (!, he told me that he tested it, and decided to make White Metal)
t55_4o.jpg Roadster Figoni & Falaschi
t55_5.jpg Le Mans by MCM in White Metal
t55_5o.jpg Le Mans 1932 Chiron and Bouriat
t55_6.jpg Roadster by Vroom in Resin
t55_7.jpg Tank by Jan Spiele

T 56
t56.jpg by Dieter Terbeck DTD in Resin
t56_o.jpg now in the Schlumpf museum

T 57
t57_1.jpg T57 Aravis by Vroom in Resin
t57_1o.jpg T57 Aravis 1939 ch 57768
t57_2.jpg Atalante Gangloff by Amis du 1/43 in Resin
t57_2o.jpg Atalante Gangloff (Aravis rear)
t57_3.jpg Cholmondley by Vroom in Resin
t57_3o.jpg Cholmondley in a swiss collection
t57_3o2.jpg Cholmondley in Molsheim 1973
t57_4.jpg Galibier by Vroom in Resin
t57_4o.jpg Galibier first series 1935
t57_6.jpg Stelvio by Ma Collection (Brianza) in Resin
t57_7.jpg Cabrio Mylord by Ma Collection (Brianza) in Resin
t57_7o.jpg Cabrio Mylord in Molsheim in 1979
t57_8.jpg Grand Raid by Vroom in Resin
t57_9.jpg Spad by Vroom in Resin
t57_10.jpg Stelvio by Amis du 1/43 in Resin
t57_11.jpg T57 Stelvio by Amis du 1/43 in Resin
t57_12.jpg Ventoux by Amis du 1/43 in Resin
t57_13.jpg Voll et Ruhrbeck by Amis du 1/43 in Resin
t57_steo.jpg Some original Stelvio´s

t57a1.jpg Aerolithe by Heco in Resin
t57a2.jpg Rothschild by Amis du 1/43
t57sa2o.jpg The Rothschild Atlantic. The man standing next to the car is Emil Mischall. Mischall drove the car from Molsheim to Bugatti's London dealer, Charles Sorel, in October 1936. Mischall worked for Sorel. The photo was taken by Jean Bugatti shortly before Mischall left on the trip. The building in the left background is the museum on the Bugatti estate where Ettore kept his collection of his brother Rembrandt's sculptures.
t57sa3.jpg Williams transformed Western Model in Zamac
t57sa4o.jpg T57sa4o/2/3: EXK6 (my favorite Bugatti together with the T55 Roadster)
t57sa5o.jpg Possibly the red Rothschild car or a copy

T 57S
t57s_1.jpg Corsica by Heco in Resin
t57s_1o.jpg Corsica in the Schlumpf Museum
t57s_2.jpg Derain by Vroom in Resin
t57s_2o.jpg Derain
t57s_3.jpg Corsica Cabriolet by Heco in Resin
t57s_4.jpg Roadster Jean by Vroom in Resin
t57s_4o.jpg Roadster Jean at the Show
t57s_5.jpg Atalante by Heco in Resin
t57s_5o.jpg Atalante of Ch.Renaud now in the Schlumpf museum
t57s_6.jpg SC Ghia by Europa in Resin
t57s_6o.jpg SC Ghia in the Schlumpf Museum
t57s_cha.jpg Chassis by MCM in White Metal

T 57 Le Mans
t57c_lm.jpg Le Mans 1939 by starter in Resin
t57c_lmo.jpg during the race 1939
t57g_acf.jpg by starter in resin
t57g_aco.jpg the winner of the 1936 GP ACF
t57g_lm.jpg Le Mans 1937 by starter in Resin
t57g_lmo.jpg the winner of Le Mans 1937
t57s45.jpg Test-Car by vroom in resin
t57s45o.jpg Test-Car GP ACF 1937

T 59
t59_1.jpg by MCM for OM in White Metal
t59_2.jpg by Amis du 1/43 in Resin
t59_3.jpg T59/50B GP de Comminges by MCM in White Metal
t59_4o.jpg T59/50B 4,7l Winner Bois de Boulogne Race
t59_5o.jpg T59/50B 4,5l
t59_6o.jpg T59/50B 3 l

T 64
t64.jpg by Vroom in Resin
t64_o.jpg in the factory in today's form

T 68
t68.jpg by Bouissou, the only cheap model he makes (in Resin)
t68_o.jpg now in the Schlumpf museum

T 73
t73a.jpg by Heco Models in Resin
t73a_o.jpg the car now in the Schlumpf museum
t73c.jpg by Dieter Terbeck copy of an old Aurore Model
t73c_o.jpg prototyp Body
t73c_o2.jpg Chassis in the Schlumpf museum

T 101
t101_1.jpg Coupé Anthém by Ma Collection (Brianza) in Resin
t101_1o.jpg Coupé Anthém
t101_2.jpg Guilloré transformation of a Ma Collection (Brianza) in Resin
t101_2o.jpg Guilloré
t101_3.jpg Works Cabrio by Western Models in White metal
t101_4.jpg Works Limousine by Western Models in White metal
t101_4o.jpg Works Limousine
t101_5.jpg Prototyp By Europa in Resin
t101_5o.jpg Prototyp
t101_6.jpg Virgil Exner by Ma Collection (Brianza) in Resin

T 251
The three versions of the T251 are made by JPS (jean Paul Schwarz, F-Guerigny) in resin, there's a kit box with all three models already painted available.


T 252
The T252 is made by DB Models and now remade by Bugattiana both in resin.


motor1.jpg Bugatti Motors by Bouissou , from left to right: t59, t51, t37a, t35
motor2.jpg Bugatti Motors by Dieter Terbeck from left to right: t13, t27, t18
record.jpg Recordcar by Hennie van den Oever
train.jpg 1/83 (H0) by Norev
truck.jpg by Hennie van den Oever

EB110 and EB112
eb110_1.jpg Prototyp by Norev in Resin
eb110_2.jpg Etude de Style by Norev in Resin
eb110_3.jpg Production by Revell in Plastic
eb110s.jpg EB110S by Norev in Resin
eb112.jpg EB112 by Norev in Resin

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