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Volume 27 (2022), Issue 1

Bugatti's at the TEFAF Art Fair 2022

Jaap Horst

There is more to life than just car shows, of course. This was the 2nd time that I went to the TEFAF International art and antiques fair, which was held in Maastricht from June 25 - 30 , 2022. This particular time it came in the news much more than otherwise, because of a heist on a Jeweller's stand on June 28.

However, as a Bugattiste you are not interested in jewelry, you are always on the look out for something special. And, you will know that of course Ettore's father Carlo and brother Rembrandt are amongst the most famous artists, each in their own field. Unluckily, the entire fair with its 242 exhibitors from 20 different countries and artworks spanning 7,000 years of history, there was too much to be seen. We only were able to see probably half of the exhibitors, during the entire day.

And yes, of course I was not disappointed, with 4 of Rembrandt's sculptures, and a very special Carlo Bugatti item. The furniture, for which Carlo is best known was made in considerable numbers, and are therefore quite often on the market. Not his silverware however, which he started making after moving to France. The limited numbers make them almost as rare as a Bugatti T57S Atlantic....

On the stand of Xavier Eeckhout two elephants, the "Éléphant d'Asie, Il y arrivera" (asian elephant - he will get there). Sculpted in 1907, this one cast in 1909.

The other one is the "Éléphant d'Asie, mendiant" (asian elephant - begging). Sculpted in 1908, this one cast in 1909. Last photo is of the author, posing with the two sculptures...

On the stand of Oscar Graf a unique Saucer by Carlo Bugatti. This one only mildly decorated with insect motifs. Dated 1906, also cast by Hébrard, who also cast most of Rembrandt's statues.

On the stand of Galeries Nicolas Bourriaud a pair of Rembrandt's sculptures. This one the "Pink Flamingo in movement"
Numbered A1, Cast by Hébrard (Albino Palazzolo). Sculpted 1904, cast before 1934.

The other one on the same stand is the "Little Panther". Signed "R.Bugatti". Cast from Hébrard realised by Albino Palazzolo with the mark « cire perdue A.A.Hébrard » (lost wax). Numbered 10. Sculpted 1909-1910, exact year of casting unknown, but before 1928.

Some of the photographs of the Galeries Nicolas Bourriaud sculptures were taken from their website, where they also have another Rembrandt for sale.

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