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Volume 26, Issue 2

"All" races in which Bugattis participated

By Nick Keukelinck

Nick did a tremendous job collecting “all” races (Bugattis participated in so many races, that it would be impossible not to miss a few…) in which Bugattis participated, in chronological order; starting in 1898, and the last race in 1956. These are 94 pages! When available, the race numbers are given, the positions, and the type of Bugatti and even chassis number. Image: 1922 GP de Strasbourg, Bugatti T30 4001 abandon sur panne d'Ernest Friderich et mécanicien Xavier Rohfritsch à Innenheim

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Note: (Commercial) publication or distribution prohibited. This document is exclusively intended for historical research for / by / among hobby enthusiasts. No rights can be derived.

By the way, In the last issue we published another article by Nick Keukelinck, compiling details of all Bugatti Types.

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