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A book I didn't use but that has plenty of info on the Bugatti Aircraft and Engines is the Bugatti "Magnum" by Hugh Conway. Also the Borgeson book is recommended for further reading. Lots of people send me information,especially Jacob Munkhammar, Karl Hansell and Emmanuel Gustin, and I want to thank also John Gaertner, Curator of the EAA Air Adventure Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where the Bugatti Airplane now is on display.

During the research I struggled through some 15 airplane and airplane engine books, some of these in French, which was actually very interesting. The technique of in between the wars was on the one hand very advanced, Turbo engines were not uncommon, and the aerodynamic formulas from a 1920 book looked impressive. On the other hand some very odd designs were made, and of course the predictions are sometimes quite hilarious, if looked at them now. In one book from the 1940's, some calculations were done on how much power an aircraft of a certain size and maximum speed needs, and how to get this power. Of course there is an optimum displacement per cylinder, leading to the calculation that an engine of 7200 HP will need 96 cylinders, and even proposing possible arrangements of the cylinder banks for this!
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