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Contents of Volume 7, Issue 2 (February 27, 2002) :
This issue is entirely built up of the reactions I have had to the Bugatti Contest, in which I asked for all kinds of Bugatti - related art. The reactions can be seen per category below.


In no particular order
  • Richard Ploeg

  • Malcolm Gentry

  • Eric Berard

    The winners are given in no particular order, the categories are so different, that these cannot be compared easily. In fact it was difficult to choose, as the quality of work sent to me was quite high!

    I especially liked the building design by the Stelvio Design Team,various of the drawings, stories and photographs, and of course the poem by my brother (whom I couldn´t give an award, as to not loose my credibility as an honest jury!)

    Thanks to everbody who participated, very well done!

    All Contestants

    Content of Past Issues
    the Bugatti revue is an at (ir)regular intervals appearing magazine, with interesting articles on Bugatti. Otakar Kopecky came with the idea, and wrote the main articles for the first few issues. Authors are invited from all over the world to write a contributing article about some part of the Bugatti history.
    This can be parts of history, interesting stories about individual cars, meetings, races in the past etcetera.
    Mail the editor: if you have any ideas or want to contribute.
    Editors address:
    Jaap Horst
    Abstederschans 65
    3432 EH Nieuwegein
    the Netherlands
    Phone: +31 30 6060481
    The revue can be found at:

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